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"We can't solve poverty by destroying people. What fights corruption is MORALITY."



I would love to connect with you. I’ll share updates with you on my youtube channel @ DocShi.TV/website and social media accounts. Share your stories and questions by sending us a message. I’m excited to hear from you! Don’t forget to share and like my FB page.

DR. MA. SHIRIL JALAD-ARMERO ( a.k.a “DOC SHI”) has been an advocate of upholding life of the born and the unborn, an Obstetrician, life coach/family planning counsellor, inspirational keynote speaker and academician.

She is passionate in journeying with the patients through teaching couples a modern, safe, effective and scientifically proven natural family planning.

She is an accredited family counsellor by the PFNFP (Philippine Federation for Natural Family Planning ) and a specialist in OB-GYN.

She is the Founder of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Medical Clinic and Natural Family Planning Center-Philippines located at Room 17, CUPSI Bldg., B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City.

She is natural family planning service provider in Cebu City and Bohol provinces for almost a decade now with almost 200 accredited volunteers all over the Philippines.

For her medical education, she graduated from VELEZ College with a degree in Medical Technology (CUM LAUDE) and Doctor of Medicine (CUM LAUDE) at Southwestern University, Cebu City. She was a recipients of numerous academic awards and was chosen as one of the TEN OUTSTANDING STUDENTS OF THE PHILIPPINES 2012 and MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENT with LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE IN JOURNALISM in SWU-PHINMA being the Editor-in-Chief of the School of Medicine’s Official publication.

She is currently an Assistant Dean of Southwestern University-PHINMA School of Medicine since 2018 and awarded as Best College Professor and Outstanding Teacher in SWU PHINMA because of her exemplary dedication and passion in teaching.

DOC SHI is a sought after speaker and gives talks to medical institutions, religious organizations and universities with topics on breast feeding, cancer awareness, fertility awareness and family planning.

As a servant of God, she is also a member of Human Life International, Doctors for Life and Catholic Physicians Guild of the Philippines. She got married at age 21 to Dr. Jay and blessed with three (3) beautiful children. They live in Guadalupe, Cebu City but planning to retire in Bohol at age 45.



Dr. Shi Armero
The Founder

CONGRATULATIONS! You're embarking on a great adventure as a new mom. At Doc Shi OB GYN Lifestyle Clinic, we want to be your partners in making sure you have a healthy pregnancy and an excellent pregnancy experience with us. With our location serving patients' along the heart of the Queen City of Cebu areas at Room 17, 2nd floor CUPSI Bldg., Cebu Woman's Club, B. Rodriguez Street. We offer convenient access throughout your pregnancy care with our affiliated private hospitals within Cebu City.


Our clinic is affiliated of the number 1 leading health care provider in othe country. To avail you intellicare policy insurance just bring your 2 copies of LOA before coming in to the clinic so that you can avail it. Please contact your Intellicare agent for initial instruction and updates.

Where is your clinic located?

Dr. Shi Armero OB GYN LIFESTYLE CLINIC ( https://www.facebook.com/OBGYNdocshi/ ) is located at the heart of the city along fuente circle CUPSI Bldg. Cebu Woman's Club, 2nd foor (ROOM 17) beside Maternity Hospital, B. Rodriguez, Cebu City .

Please see direction at the CONTACT button when you book for an appointment with us or click the BOOK BUTTON on our FB page @ https://www.facebook.com/OBGYNdocshi/

 Our medical representative will assist of your health concerns throughout the booking process. Doc Shi is always @ your cervix.

How to book an appointment?

Here are the 5 EASY STEPS for ONLINE (anywhere in the Philippines) or IN-CLINIC consult:

1. Click the search button at the upper part of facebook and type: Dr. Shi Armero OB GYN Lifestyle Clinic, and then CLICK.
2. You may either click Book Now or you may explore the page first.
3. Click on the consult date and time you prefer.
5. Check your messenger for the message prompt from the page for your guidance.

For instructions with photos as guide, especially to the very supportive friends who give you referral, please check my FB account: 

Our medical assistant will contact your thru fb messenger to confirm your scheduled appointment. Any changes of time and date of your appointment must be reported to Doc Shi immediately otherwise booking is CANCELLED.

Are you open on weekends?

Yes. Our clinic is open from MONDAYS thru SATURDAYS {8:00 - 5:30 pm} except SUNDAYS . Also, we’re open during HOLIDAYS.

For emergency consultation, please contact Doc Shi's clinic secretary @ 09255106565. For ONLINE or IN-Clinic consult, please feel free to book an appointment for reservation of your time slot.

Do you have ultrasound?

Ultrasound clinic is located within the premises wherein Doc Shi’s clinic is located at the 2nd floor of CUPSI LABORATORY near fuente circle) beside Maternity Hospital, B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City.

With CUSPI LABORATORY, its 100% affordable and hassle free because you don’t need to go to other stand-alone laboratory clinic or hospital laboratory.

Payment rate of laboratory may vary depending upon the request of Doc Shi. 

Please contact CUPSI Laboratory for inquiries.

What HMO are you affiliated?

INTELLICARE Health Care Provider.

Please provide  two (2) copies of LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE (LOA)  before going to the clinic  and have it signed already.  You may contact directly of your INTELLICARE agent for more information.

How much is the consultation fee and follow-ups consult?

Consultation fee for OB GYN and other women health concerns is Php500 while ff-ups is Php400 only.

The mode of payment for IN-CLINIC consult shall be paid preferably in CASH whereas for ONLINE consult must be paid thru GCASH, PayMaya (Smart Padala) and PayPal or any money remittances nationwide. 

Please text 09255106565 for the detailed account information.

Please always ask a receipt after the consultation is done either for in-clinic or online consultation.

What hospital(s) Doc Shi is affiliated?

DOC SHI is affiliated/accredited of different private hospitals in Cebu City.

  • SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER (formerly SACRED HEART) is located at Villa Aznar Urgello St., Cebu City, Philippines.
  • PERPETUAL SUCCOUR HOSPITAL is located at Gorordo Avenue Lahug Cebu City Philippines.
  • MILLER ADVENTIST HOSPITAL is located at 400 Tres de Abril, Cebu City, Philippines.           
  • ST. VINCENT GENERAL HOSPITAL is located near Abellana National High School, Jones Avenue, Cebu City.                                                                                              
    FOR INQUIRIES of HOSPITAL FEES & BILLS, please contact directly the Hospital billings/information of the above-mentioned hospital for more updates. 

What Family Planning method do you advise?

We highly recommend MODERN AND SCIENTIFIC METHOD-BILLING’s OVULATION method.  It's 99.9% SAFE and EFFECTIVE! My family is the living proof of this method being also a  practitioner for 10 years now.

To know more about the method ,please visit us now for more details and initial instructions. We will teach you on how to achieve or space pregnancy?

Is ONLINE consult available outside the country? Do you issue prescription and laboratory request?

Yes. However, we are prioritizing online booking to patients residing in the Philippines only.

On the other hand, E- prescription may be issued only by agreeing the Terms and Conditions stipulated in Patient-Doctor Agreement.

Language used: ENGLISH, BISAYA or TAGALOG 

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“The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation."


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For inquiries and schedule of appointment, please CLICK the MESSENGER button for an ONLINE or IN-CLINIC appointment or you may send us an SMS @ 09255106565.

  • Room 17 , Cebu Womans Club, CUPSI Building, B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City, Philippines
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