15 Jun

This is a letter written by a Priest friend during a time in my life wherein I thought I failed in loving my enemies.

 (photo below: taken in Holy Family Hills)

Dear Shi,

Thank you for your letter. I like it because it is spontaneous, honest, and articulate. You remind me of an old Jesuit priest who said that we are lucky if we can find one really good friend. So don't feel bad about having few friends. We are not expected to have many. Having friends presumes liking them. Jesus never asked us to like people. He asks us to love people, even if many times we don't really like or trust them. Liking is a feeling. Loving is a choice. We can decide to at least be civil with colleagues. As Christians, we are invited to do more. Maybe we can pray for them too, to wish them well. Jesus prayed for forgiveness in favor of His enemies even wen blood was still dripping from His body. Were they His friends? Did He like them? Probably no. But He chose to love them just the same. And Jesus loves you, too. He doesn't need you to become perfect first. He loved you into existence. That is why you are even here in the first place. And He asks you to love people, especially the poor. Pray for your colleagues and help the poor. Jesus would be pleased.

With Best regards, 

Rev. Fr. Harold

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