23 Nov

Today, a good friend of mine got married. Unfortunately, because of health reasons, I was not able to attend the ceremony. Instead, I sent the newly wed couples my congratulations through text message with a bit of advice. I knew it was not enough to "pay" for my absence - especially with the limited characters in a SMS. Though I know they understood, I still felt guilty of not going because of 2 reasons. First, I felt like I was a bad friend for missing a very important event of one of my best friends. Second, I was the one who introduced the bride and groom. Their wedding was supposedly a testimony of my successful matchmaking! But then again, the mind is willing but the body is weak for I am still recuperating from a Cesarean Section of my second child. As I was skimming through the book, The Next 500 Stories, I came across a story entitled Decision Making, which I would like to share to married couples like me and to single ladies out there. It goes:

There is an old legend which tells of a powerful genius who promised a beautiful girl a gift of rare value if she would go through a field of corn and select the biggest and ripest ear she could find. She must do this as she was walking along, and she was not allowed to turn back. The value of the gift would be in proportion to the size and perfection of the ear.

She started out, and passed by many fine ears. But she was so anxious to find the biggest and the best that she kept on going without plucking any. Then the ears began to grow smaller and smaller, until they became so stunted that she was ashamed to pick any. And not being allowed to go backward, she came out of the field without anything in her hand.

Because she could not make up her mind, she missed everything.

Why did I share this story? Choosing a lifetime partner is like going through a corn field. We aim to find the biggest and the ripest.

Unlike the beautiful girl in the story, my friend made up her mind and plucked an ear. PERIOD. It is not for us to say if it was the biggest and ripest, the point is, she selected and plucked. Like the biggest and ripest ear, it is now in your hands to bring out the best in each other. May God shower you with blessing and storm you with love in your journey. Grow old together and be each other's strength and be each other's pride! Be the biggest and the ripest!


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